TIME MANAGEMENT - At CCG we understand everyone’s time is valuable these days and we guarantee to be on time for all supplier appointments and client site meetings.

OH&S - We take seriously the importance of safety compliance and maintain a clean and hazard free building site at all times.

PROGRESS SCHEDULE - All building projects are met with great anticipation. We ensure our clients are kept updated on all progress and developments via weekly site meetings and through our client based project management online tracker.

COMPLETION DATE - We understand that our clients want to be living in their new or renovated home as quickly as possible. We guarantee to finish each project either on, or if possible, before the agreed completion date.

NO HIDDEN COSTS - We understand that our clients are committed to a budget and can really feel the pinch if ‘hidden’ unanticipated costs suddenly appear. CCG uses a comprehensive quoting system that ensures we can provide our clients with an accurate quotation* from the outset.


* Changes to the original contract/specs may incur extra charges


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